Innovative Composite Engineering offers the following services


Composite manufacturing for structural and non-structural components for all industrial & commercial use.

High quantity orders as well as prototype manufacturing

Composite manufacturing using the following processes:

·         Wet Lay-up (Vacuum Bagging)

·         Vacuum Infusion

·         PREPEG

·         RTM


Innovative Composite Engineering provides production consultancy and technical support related to advance composite manufacturing. We are happy to work with our clients in order for them understand and use composites to their needs.

Project Management:

Innovative Composite Engineering has experience in executing large volume iconic projects. We offer project consultancy services related to composite designing, manufacturing and installation. We also provide independent testing and verification services to ensure that the client’s design requirements are being met.

We also offer consultation services for CE certification.


Innovative Composite Engineering strongly encourages the use of composites and advance processes to find industrial and commercial solutions. We thus welcome design firms & individuals looking to make their designs into reality to contact us. We are always excited to merge our expertise and visionary ideas to form truly innovative solutions.


Innovative Composite Engineering strongly encourages the use of advance composites and process in industrial and commercial applications. We are thus always glad to share our knowledge. We offer a variety of training courses for composite professionals. Please note that training courses are only offered on need & requirement basis. There are minimum requirements for a batch before training can be arranged. Courses are delivered by composite professionals working across the region in collaboration with Innovative Composite Engineering. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information.

Design Engineers

3D designing: CATIA R5, PRO/E & SOLIDWORKS

Structural Mechanics: FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

Production Engineers

Fundamentals of Composite Materials & Manufacturing Processes

Project & Quality Management: Focus on Composite production cycle

Lamination Supervisors

Resource Planning & Scheduling

Introduction to Composites


Do’s & Don’ts in Composite Manufacturing

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